About Me - Amber+Fawn

Hi! Welcome to Amber+Fawn, I’m Amber!

You probably came here to find out more about me (yaaass!) so here’s the real… I’ve spent an embarrassing number of years mixing up soaps, shampoo and conditioner concoctions in the bathtub, cutting my own bangs, destroying my older sisters’ collection of wet/n wild lipsticks and committing more fashion faux pas than I am willing to admit. Naturally, this destructive path led me straight to the door steps of cosmetology school and Thank. You. Jesus. Problem solved? Eh, kinda. What I soon realized was even though I had acquired a very useful skillset, I was now spending literal days searching the web, beyond the 1st page of google, diving deep into shady chat rooms trying to find real authentic input on unfamiliar and interesting products that just weren’t showing up in the generic beauty blog rundown.

Have you ever tried searching for skin undertone/dha formulation for various spray tan solutions? I freaking hope not, because it is a rabbit hole of group chats from the early 2000’s and you don’t want to go down that hole, trust me you just don’t.

So my main goal is pretty simple, I want to make it easy to access real, objective, non-biased information about unique beauty, skincare, health and lifestyle products. Like with actual information from products I’ve seen with my own two eyes! Real results, real tips and tricks and real pro’s and con’s that aren’t swayed by anything other than the product!

I’ll be honest, this is a fluid blog, because well, life. So if I veer off track from time to time to tell you about something else really damn cool, just know I’m doing it for us babe.

xoxo Amber