10 Best Entry Level Spray Tan Machines

10 Best Entry Level Spray Tan Machines

We don’t all live in year round sunshine and it is pretty common knowledge that tanning beds aren’t good for our skin.  Spray tans are a popular, safe and easy way to achieve a beautiful sun kissed glow without the fear of damage from UV rays.  While spray tans used to be reserved for celebrities heading to red carpet events, today spray tanning machines and spray tan solutions are incredibly affordable and increasingly user friendly.  It’s important to identify your specific needs in a spray tan machine before you begin shopping around. There are obviously very expensive commercial spray tanning machines, but there are just as many entry level spray tan machines. Some of which fall right around $100 – so whatever the occasion is, an instant tan is always within reach! In this post, we highlight the best entry level spray tan machines currently available.

Once you’ve properly prepared your skin and selected the right spray tan solution, the next most important part about getting a spray tan is the spray tan machine.  So let’s talk about what a spray tanning machine is and how it works. 

A spray tan machine will consist of an enclosed fan that will move air quickly to a handheld spray gun. The air moves from the fan to the handheld spray gun through a hose or other similar piping.  On its way, the air will pass across a reservoir that is filled with spray tan solution.  As the air passes across this reservoir, it will suck up some of the solution and mist it out of the nozzle at the end of the spray gun.  You’ll be able to control the mist with the spray gun’s trigger. You’ll be able to control the amount of solution that’s coming out through the mist with an adjustment valve. 

That’s it, super simple!

One of the most frequent questions I receive when talking to a new spray tan artist is about which spray tanning machines I would recommend.  I’ve put this list together of the best entry level spray tan machines to help share some of my experiences with you guys.  So if you’re looking for an entry level spray tan machine because you are interested in the 5/mobile spray tanning business, you are 6/incorporating this service in your salon, you need a backup spray tanning machine, or you just want one of these bad boys for your own personal use – here is our list of the 10 Best Entry Level Spray Tan Machines:

1. MaxiMist Lite Plus Spray Tanning Unit

This was the very first spray tan machine I ever used. It’ll always hold a special little place in my heart! I still use it to this day! I have even taught my husband how to give me a spray tan at home, before bed, it’s so great! It’s very lightweight and great to maneuver while spray tanning and contouring a body.  It is great for a beginner to learn how to use a spray tan machine and is well suited for at home use.  It is easy to use, easy to clean, and is very portable.  Virtually every component of this machine that you touch is plastic so you’ll have to be careful not to over tighten or drop anything so that a piece doesn’t break. With regular cleaning, this machine will last you quite a while.

2. Fuji Mini Tan M Model Spray Tan System

This system is absolutely fantastic!  It is the most expensive system on this list, but its well worth the price tag for an entry level system.  Starting with the spray gun and ending with the enclosed fan – this is a very high quality system.  The spray gun provides excellent control and mobility. The hose screws onto the spray gun so that there’s no accidental disconnecting, which really is quite nice. This system also boasts a 2 stage motor with an all metal casing making it incredibly durable.  This spray tanning machine would be an amazing tool for at home use, but would be perfectly suited for use as part of a mobile spray tanning business.

3. MaxiMist Evolution Pro Spray Tanning System

There aren’t enough good things that can be said about this spray tan machine.  It’s absolutely fantastic, or should I say ‘tantastic’?!  While this system could be used for personal use at home its aircraft grade aluminum spray gun is best suited at a salon or as part of a mobile spray tanning business.  It’s very easy to control, has multiple settings for mist/solution control, and is incredibly maneuverable.  It’s an awesome machine for performing full body spray tans, but it’s great for providing contouring and touchups too.  This is one of the most expensive machines on this list, but its capabilities are very appealing.  About the only negative attribute of this system is that all of the valve controls and quick dials used to regulate the amount of air flow and solution mix may take some time to perfect for your personal spray techniques

4. Fascination Spray Tanning Machine

This is a great looking spray tanning machine and it comes in two different colors – black (shown above) and pink! This could come in handy if you are trying to brand your business with a specific color scheme.  It has a very comfortable handle and is very easy to control when giving someone a spray tan.  It’s great for home use and to learn how to perform spray tanning techniques on different body types.  This spray gun has a flow control dial that allows you to adjust how much spray tanning solution is mixed with the air – awesome. You’ll have to be careful as it may dribble out solution on the lowest setting.

5. Norvell M1000 Mobile Spray Tanning Machine

This is an awesome spray tan machine that is very easy to use, maintain, and transport.  It has a good spray gun that provides the spray tan artist with control of the spray tan mist.  It’s well-suited for entire body coverage and can even be used for contouring.  This system can be used at home or as part of a mobile spray tanning business.  Please note that virtually every part of this machine that you touch is made out of plastic so be careful when using the system as some components may crack accidentally. This system is similar to the MaxiMist Lite Unit however, this machine is more capable of repeated spray tanning sessions for larger groups of clients.

6. St. Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan

Of this entire list, this is the lightest and most compact system.  It’s great for use on others and you can even use it to give yourself a spray tan!  While 7/giving yourself a spray tan isn’t the easiest task, it’s definitely doable with a little practice.  While the manufacturer claims that this is a salon-quality spray tanning system, keep in mind that it has a very small fan with a limited capacity spray tan solution reservoir so it’s unlikely that it would be able to handle a large clientele base.

7. Aura Elite Compact Spray Tan Machine

This is one of the lower priced items on this list, it’s a good beginner’s tool.  It would be great for personal use and even as a back-up spray tanning system for a mobile spray tanner or even a salon.  It’s very lightweight and easy to use, but the mist control feature and solution adjustments aren’t the greatest. Keep these in mind when considering this purchase.

8. Belloccio Premium Sunless Airbrush Spray Tanning System

This is the lowest priced item on the list and for being less than $100, this system is surprisingly capable.  It’s lightweight and very portable which makes it great to carry from one location to another.  It’s provides pretty good control of the spray tanning mist, but the spray gun isn’t the best.  The hose is very long at almost 9 feet (this is awesome to help you move around), but it’s made out of a pretty rigid material.

9. Belloccio Salon Pro Plus T200-11, 2 Stage Turbine Sunless Spray Tanning System

This is definitely a very capable spray tanning machine.  It has a sturdy and durable metal spray tanning gun. It has great controls for the spray tan solution, contouring, and complete body coverage.  This system also includes the most comprehensive instructional materials of this list which is always a welcomed reference.  This spray tanning machine can be used for either a professional or personal setting, but it is quite heavy and it will take up a good amount of space for storage.

10. Oasis Tan Machine

This spray tanning system is ideal for personal use to practice the skills needed to become proficient as a spray tan artist.  It’s very compact, lightweight, and portable which makes storage a breeze for someone who make not have a physical tanning location or salon space.  The spray gun allows the user to adjust the amount of solution that’s included with the mist, but this isn’t a great spray gun for contouring. This is a great basic beginners spray tan system.

Do Your Research!!

It can definitely be overwhelming trying to decide which spray tanning system to go with, especially if you are just starting your hustle in the spray tanning industry. Keeping your initial business costs low is so important to success but also let’s be real, no one likes to waste cash! The best piece of advice I can give you when looking for a spray tanning system is to identify your specific needs and then do you research! I always tell people to keep these things in mind when look at this type of equipment:

  1. What is your experience level?
  2. Figure out the amount of spray tanning you need the machine to be capable of in a single day?
  3. What is the type of tanning you plan on performing most -basic, double pass, contouring, or competition?
  4. What are your storage and transportation needs?

Hopefully this article has given you some insight on the things to look for when picking out your next spray tan machine. Some companies will offer bundles that include other equipment such as tents, fans or even solution samples which is a nice bonus!

I’m curious has anyone else used any of these particular units? What did you think? Are there any other entry level units that I’ve missed? Definitely let me know in the comments!

Interested in learning more about the do’s and don’ts of all things spray tanning? Head over to our most inclusive article The Ultimate Spray Tanning Guide for all the goods!

Happy Spray Tanning!

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