best occasions for a spray tan

10 Best Occasions for a Spray Tan

What goes best with a perfect dress, amazing makeup, and salon styled hair and nails?  A beautiful glow on your skin from a mind-blowing spray tan – that’s what!  Not only will a spray tan create a perfect foundation for your planned look, but it will give all of your skin some much needed attention.  If you take the time to prepare for your spray tan your skin will feel great from exfoliation, your skin will be pampered with moisturizers, and your skin will be silky smooth to the touch.  A great spray tan will help you feel more confident for whatever you have planned and will even help conceal some superficial blemishes.  So what is the best occasion for a spray tan?  Here are our top 10 occasions for a spray tan:

1. Wedding

Whether you are in the wedding or not, this one is a biggie.  Not only because it’s – well – a wedding, but because there are so many different aspects of a wedding.  If you’re part of the wedding there are pre-wedding activities like the rehearsal dinner and party.  There’s the wedding itself which often includes swarms of photographers and videographers.  And after the wedding there is always the reception – which is what most people really care about, right?  Even if you’re not in the wedding, it’s still a huge deal to be a part of a loved-ones special event.  Oh, and let’s be honest, you know you want to do your best to look great for the after party.

2. Vacation

Not all of us live near sun-soaked beaches or pools.  So what do you do when you need to start packing your bikini and sun dresses, but it’s been snowing outside for the past 3 months?  Hopping under intense (and harmful) UV lamps for hours a week to get a base tan going is just not worth it.  Trust me.  When it’s time to plan for your next spring break, an upcoming cruise, your honeymoon, or just a vacation because you need a vacation – you may want to consider putting a spray tan down on your to-do list.

3. Big Night Out

Do you have a “Wine Down Wednesday” coming up?  Maybe you have an awesome girls night out planned?  Is it your bestie’s bachelorette party in a few weeks?  Whatever the big night out is, having a gorgeous tan to go with your new cocktail dress and those high heels you’ve been dying to wear is a perfect combination!  Plus we all know that you’re not dressing up for anyone in particular – we know you’re all dressed up to catch your reflection as often as possible!

4. Media Event

There are times to be subtle and times to be the opposite.  If you’re going to be involved in a fashion show, TV/modeling performance, or body building contest your entire body is going to be a part of the event.  Everything from your daring hairstyle and makeup to your bold skin color should be primed and perfect for this type of occasion.  This type of event is not the time to be subtle and coy.

5. Birthday

Turning 16, 40, or 75?  Perfect!  Wouldn’t it be great to keep your skin looking its proper youthful age with a spray tan instead of adding 10 or more years to how it looks by laying inside of a tanning bed?  Enjoy whatever age you are turning with a sunless sun-kissed tan!

6. Formal Event

Ball gowns and up-dos, tuxedos and bow ties, formal events always create wonderful memories for everyone involved.  Are you attending a prom/homecoming, a formal event with a sorority or fraternity, or maybe a military ball or an opening night of your favorite opera?  These types of affairs are great times to really make yourself look stunning with a terrific spray tan!

7. Work Event

We’ve all been there right?  A seminar for work, a public speaking event, a convention for your employer, or a work party.  These are always filled with multiple meet and greet functions, business card exchanges, and various networking events.  Making sure you leave a lasting impression is more than just the things you say or the font on your business card.  Leaving a personal impression on the people you interact with includes the other person being able to actually remember who you were in that sea of people.  Having a gorgeous spray tan can help you feel more confident during these events and may even help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

8. Big Night In

Who says you have to be going anywhere to need beautiful youthful skin?  Not me!  Staying in for a special date night, an anniversary, or just because – nothing brings out your stunning contours in that new lingerie better than a fresh spray tan.

9. Family Event

These are some of my all-time favorite occasions.  There’s just nothing quite like spending time with close friends and family.  Even if everything gets dirty the second we arrive – I know we always prepare for family reunions, holiday festivities, and our family photo shoots with special outfits!  Right?  I mean, what would grandma say otherwise?!?!  A subtle glow will leave a dazzling impression in all of your photo albums regardless of the season.

10. Just for You

This is one of my favorite occasions for a spray tan… As if this really needs an explanation, go get one!

Interested in learning more about the do’s and don’ts of all things spray tanning? Head over to our most inclusive article The Ultimate Spray Tanning Guide for all the goods!

What are some of your favorite occasions for a spray tan?  Post some of your favorites in the comments below.

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