Best Organic Spray Tan Solutions

Best Organic Spray Tan Solutions

Are you looking to add variety to your collection of spray tan solutions or to offer some specialty products to your existing client base?  Maybe you’re looking for natural spray tan solutions to use with your own personal spray tanning system?  Whatever the reason, using organic and natural products are amazing for your skin and the environment.  Even though there aren’t as many organic spray tan solutions to choose from as there are cereals at the supermarket, there are still quite a bit of products to choose from. I have had the opportunity to use several dozen different types of organic spray tan solutions – both professionally and personally. I’ve had a lot of questions come my way regarding the best organic spray tan solutions out there, so I decided to put together this list together.  Here is my list of the top 5 organic spray tan solutions to help save you from some headaches and spray tan-tastrophes!

What Makes a Good Spray Tan?

Once you’ve properly prepared yourself for a spray tan the type of spray tan solution being used is the next most important thing.  But, what makes a good organic spray tan solution?  This is really a difficult question to answer.  There are so many different variables to consider like skin type (oily, dry, …), skin color (fair, tan, …), and even the look that the tanner is going for (a slight glow, bodybuilding competition, …).  Understanding that one spray tan solution may potentially look different on each person sprayed – I’ve broken down the following criteria to measure different spray tan solutions:

  • Coverage – How evenly does the spray tan solution stay on the body
  • Drying – How smoothly does the spray tan solution dry on the body
  • Color – How even does the color remain on the body after a single pass
  • Texture – How tacky or smooth does the spray tan solution feel on the body
  • Tone – How natural is the tone of this spray tan solution once dried on the skin

What Makes a Spray Tan Organic?

So what makes an organic spray tan solution – well – organic?  To be honest, there are many different guidelines and regulations that are used by the manufacturers of these products.  In the U.S. for example, products that don’t carry a USDA Organic Seal only need to contain 70% organic ingredients to advertise a product as organic.  Due to varying regulations in other countries and territories this 70% guideline may not exist for all manufacturers.  Instead of focusing on an “organic” or “natural” label, you could look for products that are free from synthetic ingredients like:

  • Parabens
  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Artificial Perfumes
  • Alcohol

How Do I Pick the Best Spray Tan Solution?

All told, I’ve have used a ton of different spray tan solutions (multiple times) on both myself and on clients, with many different spray tan machines.  I’ve kind of narrowed down my top 5 organic spray tan solutions from experience and then began to rate these solutions accordingly.  After applying the above listed criteria to grade each solution, here is the ranking of my Top 5 Organic Spray Tan Solutions:

1. Norvell Organic Original Premium Sunless Solution

This is the highest ranking organic spray tanning solution out of all the different organic solutions I’ve tried and tested.  Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with Norvell, they pretty much set the standard for spray tanning solutions. This solution has a raspberry almond scent that is very pleasing without being over powering.  This solution applies evenly and is very easy to work with and create contours.  The color palette and tone remained consistent and looked natural before the cosmetic bronzer is washed away.  The texture is soft and smooth, but had a very slight “tacky” feel on the skin when it dried.  This “tackiness” was mostly consistent with every spray tan solution I’ve used.

2. Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution Dark

This organic spray tan solution is designed specifically for use with medium to dark skin tones.  I was definitely able to work with this formulation both professionally and privately. My only real issue with this solution is that you really need to take into consider the initial color of the skin as this is geared towards darker toned individuals.  Its color was very consistent across clients of varying age groups and skin types.  The application of the product remained consistent with no visual indication of ‘dripping’ or streaks.  This solution (as with all others) has a slightly “tacky” feel when it dries on the skin.  In very few cases, the drying time was longer than expected which required additional use of a fan or blow dryer but nothing that would keep me from using it.

3. Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution Medium

This organic solution is designed for use with medium skin tones.  Outside of this one specific characteristic, this organic spray tan solution was virtually indistinguishable from the previous solution.  Application with a spray tanning machine was smooth, the color remained consistent and it dried evenly.  Just like the highest ranking solution, this solution dried with a slightly “tacky” feel on the skin which is quite a common feature.  There were also very few cases where this solution took longer to dry than expected.  This additional drying time didn’t create any issues with the outcome of the spray tan itself, but it is something to be cognizant of for your time estimates.

4. Icon Reserve Tier 2 Fast Drying Organic Spray Tan Solution by Sjolie

The coverage for this product is top notch, it’s very easy to follow as the solution is sprayed and is very conducive to contouring a body.  This solution claims to be ultra-fast drying, stating that one can get dressed within 60 seconds of an application.  While this formula did appear to dry much faster than the rest of the organic solutions identified on this list, I’d still recommend waiting a few minutes before getting dressed.  This solution had virtually no “tackiness” when dry and the color’s tone was very natural looking.  The solution applied very smoothly and the color is very natural.

5. Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution Light

This organic tanning solution is a breeze to work with and is very easy to maintain smooth lines and even spray patterns.  This organic solution had a natural tone that was very consistent and even from application to the first shower.  The color palette for this solution was very natural looking on the skin and it dried evenly.  This solution had the standard “tacky” feel when dry as mentioned with all other spray tan solutions.  Overall, I really liked it and I mentioned before you really can’t go wrong with Sjolie, although I will say that the more DHA in the solution the more residual ‘stink’ there seems to be prior to the first shower. Definitely not a deal breaker in anyway but I know that it can be an issue to those who are sensitive to smells.

Do Your Research!

It can definitely be overwhelming trying to decide which organic spray tan solution to go with because let’s be real, they aren’t cheap and you want to be confident when you hit that ‘checkout’ button. The best piece of advice I can give you when looking for an organic spray tan solution is to do you research on the ingredient list and keep an eye out for the ingredients you DON’T want to see! Hopefully this article has given you some insight on the things I look for when testing out solutions. Some companies will allow you to order samples of their different solutions so you can get a preview before you commit to an entire bottle.

I’m curious has anyone else used these products? What did you think? I’m always looking to try new things so if you have any spray tan solution suggestions definitely let me know in the comments!

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