what to wear for your next spray tan

What to Wear for Your Next Spray Tan

“I have a spray tan tomorrow – what the hell am I going to wear?” is something we’ve all said right before a spray tan right??  Don’t worry; it’s not tough at all.  As a matter of fact, it’s quite comfy!  We’ll keep it nice and simple for you guys on this one with a – before, during, and after recommendation.


Go nuts! Honestly, it doesn’t really matter.  As long as you’ve prepped your skin properly before your spray tan, what you wear before your spray tan doesn’t mean a thing!  Go on to the next section.


This will be completely up to you and your comfort level with the spray tan artist or salon.  A spray tan works by having a spray tan solution misted onto your skin and then letting it drying.  Whatever clothing you decide to wear while this misting is taking place will act as a barrier between your skin and the spray tan solution.  “Tan lines” will form as the exposed skin misted with the spray tan solution will begin to bronze and the skin that did not receive any spray tan solution will remain unchanged.  So the look is really up to you – just pick an outfit that gives you the tan lines you want (or don’t want)!

Here are some suggestions:


Loose fitting clothes – nice and easy.  And no, a pair of yoga pants and a fitted tank top doesn’t count as loose fitting clothes. For ladies, a loose maxi dress is your best bet or you can try a cheap dark pair of oversized sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt for those colder months. Your spray tan will be “drying” on your skin for a full 6-8 (or even more) hours after you’re done with the spray tan.  Any clothing that’s snug against your skin will rub against the spray tan that’s “drying” and create patches that are less tan.  So those yoga capri pants and fitted tank top are definitely a bad idea.  Unless, of course, you’re interested in having golden tan shins and calves with an untanned ring right below your knee cap.

Here’s a Tip:

Whatever you choose, be sure that it is dark colored – maybe something that you wouldn’t mind getting stained.  Why?  The ingredients in spray tan solution that give you that golden tan (DHA, erythulose, etc.) are essentially colorless.  However, the ingredients that the spray tan artist uses to ensure that the spray tan is going onto your body evenly and smoothly are basically cosmetic bronzers.  It’s this bronzer that will give your skin that instant “tan”, but this isn’t the color that your spray tan will become.  Most of these bronzers will wash off your skin with your first shower.  If you plan to wear a cute white linen top on your way out of your spray tan appointment, be prepared to have a nice bronze ring on your collar, armpits, sleeves, and really anywhere else that touches your skin.

And Another Thing:

Your bra and jewelry; just leave it all at home.

Oh yeah, shoes:

Dark flip-flops or sandals – done.

Other considerations:

I almost always recommend getting your spray tan in the evening should your schedule allow for it. My reasoning is this; the best way to avoid smears and smudges is to wear as little under garments as possible while wearing the loosest darkest clothing. I don’t know about you but no-bra, no-panties combined with big baggie sweats screams pajamas to me. Throw a dark sheet on your bed, maybe a towel or 2 on your pillows, heck get crazy and even plug in a little oscillating fan action, before you know it you will be waking up just in time to rinse off the cosmetic bronzer along with the stink and you are literally golden!

Interested in learning more about the do’s and don’ts of all things spray tanning? Head over to our most inclusive article The Ultimate Spray Tanning Guide for all the goods. Happy Spray Tanning!!

What do you guys wear before, during, or after your spray tan?

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